Thursday, July 30, 2020

vRA Cloud Onboarding for VMware Cloud on AWS aka VMC using PowervRACloud

Use Case 

Onboarding VMC Cloud Account in vRA Cloud Environment / Org

What Tasks does it perform 

It performs the following configuration

1. Validate vCenter / SDDC Details & Adds Cloud Account
2. Create New vRA Project
3. Create New vRA Flavor Profile
4. Create New vRA Image Profile
5. Create New vRA Network Profile
6. Create New vRA Storage Profile
7. Create New vRA Blueprint
8. Create New vRA Deployment


1. PowervRACloud Version 1.3
2. Connected to vRA Cloud using Connect-vRA-Cloud -APIToken $APIToken


1. Download the script & csv file in a Folder
2. Modify the csv file with your environment details
3. Execute ./vrac-onboarding-vmc.ps1

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Deploy VMware Cloud Proxy on VMC/ vSphere using Terraform vSphere Provider

In this blog, I will walk you through how to deploy VMware Cloud Proxy using Terraform vSphere Provider 

What is Terraform

Terraform provides Infrastructure as a Code to provision and manage any cloud, infrastructure, or service

What is VMware Cloud Proxy

A cloud proxy is a virtual appliance (VA) that is supplied as a downloadable OVA from the VMware Cloud service. The OVA must be deployed on a vCenter Server to create the VA
This proxy is needed for following Cloud Services
  • vRealize Log Insight Cloud
  • vRealize Automation Cloud


Following are the pre-requisites
  1. Access to VMware Cloud Services OTK
  2. VMC /vSphere Endpoint Details are updated in terraform.tfvars
  3. This script assumes that network selected has DHCP enabled and has outbound access as required by VMware Cloud Proxy
  4. This script assumes that you have network connectivity to vCenter/ESXi host where it needs to be deployed


The script is published on my GitHub. It uses Terraform vSphere Provider 

 Clone my git repository locally and navigate to the folder Deploy-CloudProxy

Update the terraform.tfvars with your environment details

Execute following commands

terraform init

terraform plan

terraform apply -auto-approve

In my environment, it took 20-25 mins to deploy Cloud Proxy on VMC. It will depend on how quick your connection is from where you are executing the script

Next, I will be also publishing script for vROPs Cloud Proxy and vRNI Proxy

You can reach out to me via Twitter  if you need further details

Friday, July 24, 2020

PowervRACloud Version 1.3 is out

What's New with 1.3 version?

  • 4 x New Cmdlets for VMC
  • 5 x New Cmdlets for AWS
  • Powershell 7 on Windows Support
  • Bugfixes

How to upgrade?

Option 1

You can either download from

Option 2

Update-Module -Name PowervRACloud from

Option 3

Download the Source Code directly from Github