Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Upgrade vSphere Distributed Switch from 5.0 to 5.1

We recently upgraded our vCenter Server from 5.0 to 5.1 Update 2

As part of the activity we also need to upgrade our distributed switch from 5.0 to 5.1

As per VMware documentation is a non-disruptive operation i.e. hosts and virtual machines attached to the switch don’t experience any downtime

I wanted to test in a live environment during day time and guess and I just did it and didn't observe any issues. It hardly took 30 seconds

Saturday, October 18, 2014

ESXTop Plugin for vSphere Web Client

VMware Labs released ESXTop Plugin for vSphere Web Client

Plugin is an enhanced, plugin-version of ESXtop for the vSphere Web Client. The plugin displays ESX server stats in new and more powerful ways by tapping into the GUI capabilities of the Web Client.


Separate tabs for CPU, memory, network and disk performance statistics
Flexible batch output
Flexible counter selection
Advanced data grid for displaying stats (sortable columns, expandable rows, etc.)
Configurable refresh rate
VM-only stats
Embedded tooltip for counter description

vSphere 5.8 Installation

We will be deploying the vSphere Replication Appliance from web client

Right Click on Hosts/Clusters and Select Deploy OVF Template

Select the OVF file from the local computer where you are accessing web client

By default its 4 vCPU and it has option for 2 vCPU

Nested ESXi Installation

Enable SSH to the Physical ESXi Host
Login using root
Execute following command
echo ‘vhv.allow = “true” ‘ >> /etc/vmware/config

Now we need to modify the security Settings for the Port Group which is going to be used for the virtual esxi and make Promiscuous Mode as "Accept"

Now we need to create the VM. We need to take care of following
Virtual Machine Version should be 8
Guest Operating System should be "Other (64- bit)"
CPUs should be 2 virtual sockets 2 cores per socket for ESXi 5.1 or above
RAM should be 4 GB
2 NIC for redundancy with E1000
HDD should be 1 GB or above
Once the VM is created then Right Click and go to Edit Settings --> Options and change the Guest Operating System. You should be able to VMware ESXi 5.X

Ensure CPUID Mask is set to Expose the NX/XD flag to guest

Mount the CD/DVD with ESXi Install and you should be able to boot with ESXi Installer once you Power ON

Thursday, October 16, 2014

SRM 5.8 Installation

Here we need to select the DNS which we created before for the DB Instance created in the SQL/DB Server
Login to Web Client and you will notice the Site Recovery in the Inventory

vCenter 5.5 Update 2 Installation

It requires minimum 10G free space
This is where you will select whether to use SQL Express of use existing database
We need to ensure the System DSN is created and point it to the database created in SQL/DB Server
We need to make sure the database connectivity is there else we can get similar errors which I got here
In my case as it pointed SQL Server Agent service was not running because it was pointing to Manual
By default only administrator@vsphere.local has access to vCenter which is the SSO account
We need to login and add the permission for accounts/users  you want to allow access