Monday, March 17, 2014

VDP VM Restoration

Select the Image which you want to restore by navigating to vSphere Data Protection Page via web client

Specify Restore Option such as
  • Whether you want to restore to original location or different location
  • Specify the datastore
  • Whether you want to Power ON and You want to reconnect the NIC

For demonstration purpose I will restoring to different location


  • MAC Address Changes in the VM
  • Deduplication ratio is 1/10th for e.g. VM which I backed up was 40 GB and space utilized was 4 GB

VDP VM Image Backup

Navigate to the VM which you want to backup

Specify the schedule
Specify the retention policy

Follownig tasks get encountered one backup job is created

Now you need to initiate Backup Job to start backup

Once completed you can notice the Last Start Time . Earlier it was never this means it is successfully completed

In the coming posts I will be doing restores of complete VM Image

vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Installation & Configuration



Ensure you test the connection before proceeding
You can store the additional VMDKs on same datastores as appliance or you can choose the datastores

Once rebooted. It will have 3 VMDKs added to the Appliance. Observation. It took approx. 30 minutes for it to reboot and configure storage

In the coming posts I will be doing back up and restores of complete VM Image

Monday, March 3, 2014

View Connection Servers Installation

We will be installing 2 Servers for High Availability and load balancing

First Server

For the first server we need to select View Standard Server
For the second server we will select View Replica Server

Providate data recovery password
Add local administrator group as initial view administrator as Best Practice

Second Server

We will select View Replica Server
We need to specify the Host Name of Server 1

You should be able to access connection servers using your cluster IP
Here is how you check
Ensure Cluster IP is pingable
Ensure you are able to access via Cluster IP https://clusterip/admin