Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NetApp Simulator on VMware vSphere

The Flackbox blog has an updated ‘How to Build a NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab’ PDF guide which covers the latest version of ONTAP’

Press Ctrl + C to enter Boot Menu
Select Option 4 – Clean Configuration and initialize all disks

For Zero disks, reset config and install a new file system? : Yes
It will confirm with following message
This will erase all the data on disks are you sure ? : Yes
It will reboot the Virtual Machine

Specify the host name
Select if you want to enable Ipv6 :- N is default
Configure Interface Groups if you require: Default is No
In below sections you will need to configure IP Address of Ethernet Interface. By default there are 4 NICs to be Management Connectivity and 2 for Cluster
Specify the new password for the root account
I rebooted however it is not mandatory. Filer should be accessible

Next Steps include
Installing ONTAP Systems Manager software to access the NetApp SAN

Open it from Start --> All Program
Click Add to add storage systems

Click Login which will initiate connection to Storage System

In Next post I will include following
  • Disk Assignment
  • iSCSI Configuration
  • Volume / LUN Creation
  • LUN Mapping to Initiator Groups
  • Snap Mirror Relationship
  • SRM specific configuration


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