Thursday, May 24, 2012


While working on the project I was asked a question whether EMC VPLEX is supported with VMware SRM and whether do we really need to have SRM if we are using EMC VPLEX.

I thought I will start a open discussion for the same and start researching

Let me start with putting some basic information about both

1. EMC VPLEX :- It achieves transparent, dynamic and non-disruptive distribution of storage resources across self-governing, discrete, peer storage systems. When used in Combination with vSphere it can balance workloads between two datacenters, with non-disruptive workload mobility enabling migration of services between geographically close sites without the need for sustaining an outage known as Stretched Clusters

2. VMware SRM - offers a different primary goal, focused primarily on configuring, automating and reporting on a repeatable and robust disaster recovery process. The primary goal of Site Recovery Manager is to provide managed and consistent automated processes for restoring services after an outage, coupled with non-intrusive testing and reporting for routine confirmation of the capability of restored services.

While researching for the same, I found couple of interesting articles / whitepaper. I thought i might share it for starters.

1. Stretched vSphere Clusters? DR with SRM? Why not BOTH?
2. Stretched Clusters and Site Recovery Manager

 Please feel free to comment about your  experiences!!!!


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