Friday, May 4, 2012

CloudStack Installation

Installing CloudStack without an Internet Connection

In order to install CloudStack where you don’t have access to internet (i.e. LAB Setup) we need to setup a local repository from the Cent-OS DVD
1.       Ensure all the other default repos are disabled.

2.       We need to create a repo file which includes the base url as media/centos6.2_final

Install the Management Server

1.       Copy the CloudStack setup to the Base OS

2.       Unzip the file and start the installation using ./
3.       When the installation is finished, run the following commands to start essential services

Install the MySQL Database

1.       Start the database installation using ./
2.       Edit the MySQL configuration (/etc/my.cnf or /etc/mysql/my.cnf, depending on your OS) and insert the following lines in the [mysqld] section. You can put these lines below the datadir line. The max_connections parameter should be set to 350 multiplied by the number of Management Servers you are deploying.
3.       After editing my.cnf, restart the MySQL server, and then invoke MySQL as the root user. MySQL does not set a root password by default. It is very strongly recommended that you set a root password as a security precaution. Run the following commands, and substitute your own desired root password for .