Wednesday, November 16, 2016

VMware NSX Installation - Part 1

As mentioned in previous post following is the high level procedure for NSX Installation

  1. Deploy NSX Manager
  2. Register with vCenter
  3. Deploy NSX Controllers
  4. Prepare ESXi Hosts for NSX
  5. Configure VXLAN Networking
  6. Make sure the DVSwitch and Transport VLAN details are in handy beforehand
  7. If using Static IPs then IP Pools needs to be configure in vCenter
  8. Decide on the NIC Teaming Policy. This will decide how many IPs are required for VTEPs
  9. Assign Segment ID
  10. Add a Transport Zone
  11. Add Logical Switch(s) as per your design
  12. Add Distributed Logical Router as per your design
  13. Add an Edge Services Gateway as per your design

Deploy NSX Manager

In this post we will start off with NSX Manager Deployment and Registering it with vCenter

Register with vCenter

Navigate the IP of the NSX Manager – https://IPAddress and specify the admin credentials which you used during deployment

Click on Manage vCenter Registration

You might see a message the NSX is not yet in RUNNING phase, current phase STARTING. Please retry after some time.

Don’t worry it will disappear after some time. Try refreshing the browser

Click on Edit under vCenter Server which will pop-up new window were you need to specify vCenter details

You need to provide following details

  • vCenter Server – IP or Hostname. I have used IP as I have not setup DNS. When using in PROD you will need to ensure DNS is working
  • vCenter User Name – Make sure it is an administrator account
  • Password – Password for the account

Option Step – You can also configure lookup server to point it to SSO however it is an optional

Please ensure status shows connected

Once it is registered successfully you will see "Networking & Security" in vSphere Web Client


  • You will have to log out of webclient and login for it to display
  • Under worst case scenario  sometimes it take 5-6 mins to display however most of the time it is instant

In the Next post I will show following

  • Deploy NSX Controllers
  • Prepare ESXi Hosts for NSX
  • Configure VXLAN Networking

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