Wednesday, November 9, 2016

vESXi Installation

As mentioned previously , In order to Test out VMware NSX I will be installing vESXi instead of dedicating physical servers in lab

Caution – It is not officially supported by VMware however its good way to test out features and learn the technololgy works

vESXi Installation

It is similar to standard VM Creation however with some key things to note else you may run into issues

Select the correct version of OS. As you can see its states the ESXi version. In previous versions we need to modify the vmx file with advanced settings for it to display here
I have chosen to install ESXi 6.0 Update 2

Refer the Configuration Maximums for the minimum required configuration. I have chosen 2 vCPU , 4GB RAM and 10 GB HDD

Pause : - There are 2 options which I believe need to ticked w.r.t to CPU.

  • Enable CPU Hot Add
  • Expose hardware assisted virtualization to the guest OS (If you don’t enable this then you will not be able to start VMs in vESXi)

Pause :- Please ensure to choose VMXNET3 driver for Network. vESXi doesn’t work with E1000

Once the VM is created. Map the ISO to CD and Power ON the VM and it will boot from ISO
Open the Console and proceed with installation

Now you can add the ESXi Host to vCenter. I have created 2 vESXi hosts(VMs) and added them vCenter under a Cluster

Next blog would be actual VMware NSX Introduction proceeding with Installation & Configuration


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