Monday, March 3, 2014

vCenter 5.5 Installation


  1. If the vCenter VM is joined to Domain it automatically adds Identity Source for SSO
  2. No Database required for SSO
  3. SSO can be installed for Multi Sites
  4. SSO Account Name has been renamed to administrator@vsphere.local
  5. By Default only administrator@vsphere.local has access to vCenter. They have removed local administrator
  6. vCenter simple installs has 4 components
    • SSO
    • Web Client
    • vCenter Inventory Service
    • vCenter Server
  7. It requires Adobe Flashplayer 11.5.0

Web Client Installation Started
For demonstration purpose I used SQL Express however this is the screen where we can select the actual supported database
Following section will be going through installation of SQL Express For Production instance this steps will not be there

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