Tuesday, October 29, 2013

vCenter Orchestrator Configuration


VMware vCenter 5.X
VMware SSO
Active Directory Group for VCO Admins

Configure SSO Permissions for VCO

Login to WebClient Browse to Administration / Access / SSO Users and Groups
If required you can create Group called VCO Admin and Add the users you want. For demonstration purpose I have used default administrators Group

VCO Configuration

Deploy VCO Appliance. If you have DHCP enabled it will automatically (As it in my case), however if required you can set static IP
Access the VCO Page by browsing with IP or DNS (If you have configured )

Click on the "Orchestrator Configuration" link.

Authenticate with vmware / vmware

Once you click on Login you will have to enter & verify a new password.
 Click "Apply changes"
You have to restart the service for the new password to kick in

Following Configuration needs to be done

Configure Network

Configure SSL Trust Manager

You need to import SSL Certificates. There are 2 options. Either you export the certificate from vCenter and then Import it from file or directly point to vCenter as I did

URL should be


Authentication :- Register Orchestrator to vCenter

SSO Configuration

This is where you select the VCO Admins group if you have created. Else similar to my case I have selected the Default Administrators

Plugin Installation and Configuration

Here you need to specify the user account which is part of the VCO Admins Group. In my case I have provided administrator account

Ensure following Plugins are selected

Under Plugins Add the vCenter Host

I feel for Best Practices restart the VCO Appliance and ensure everthing is green


On the Getting Started with vCenter Orchestrator. Click on “Start Orchestrator Client”

You will get following screen and you should be able to login using Domain Credentials. Please ensure Java is installed from where you are trying to access

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