Saturday, August 24, 2013

EMC Recover Point Direct Access Test

We came across issue with SRM Test Failover with EMC Recover Point where the VMs became inaccessible due to lack of Image Access space in Journal Volumes.

They had followed EMC Best Practices of having Journal Volumes of 20% of the total Protected Volume however since the Data Change Rate was quite High after the Test ran for 24 hours it ran out of space

EMC recommended using EMC Recover Point Direct Access instead of Image Access if the Test is going to last for more then 24-48 hours

Also we had this requirement when performing the Test Failover we need to cut network connectivity from Production (Please refer my earlier post for the issue faced and work around applied)
Following are the observations of the Test we conducted


VMware SRM 5.1
EMC Recover Pont Appliance (RPA) version 3.5.SP1.P2 (o.175)
EMC Recover Point SRA 2.1


Sr. No
Initiate Test Failover from SRM
All the VMs come up as expected
Await till the Recovery Plan Pauses

Break Network Connection
Replication Status changed to Paused  in RPA
Resume the Recovery Plan and ensure it is successful and VMS are accessible

Change Consistency Group Policy to "Group is Managed by Recover Point"

Enable Direct Access for the Consistency Group
It threw warning for Removal/Deletion of Journals
Change Consistency Group Policy to "Group is Managed by SRM"
This is required for Cleanup
Continue with the Test of Recovered VMs
Verified that there is no impact on recovered VM in terms of Performance/Access
Just  noticed a bit of lag while RDPing to the VM
This is normal as all the writes from Image Access are being committed to the actual disk on DR side 
Initiate Cleanup from SRM
Replication Status changed from Paused to Paused by System in RPA
Also it says Distributing Pre-replication Image
Enable Network Connection
Replication Status Changed from Paused by System to Ready then Initializing and finally to Active in RPA
Also it created the Remote Copy automatically
Also it started Distributing Image
First Image was 22 MB in my Lab
Interesting thing what I found here was RPA doesn’t do a complete initialization, RPA has this concept of short initialization basically it has some bookmarks internally so that it can track the changes that have happened.
Need to read more on this tough J


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