Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NetApp SRA Discover Arrays Failed

We were facing issues while adding Array Manager in SRM 5.0 . PFB screenshot for the same. We performed following steps and the resolution


VMware SRM 5.0
NetApp FAS 3070 vfiler
NetApp SRA 2.0.1

Troubleshooting Steps
Ensured we are able to telnet on Port 80 and 3260 from the SRM Server
Reinstalled the NetApp SRA 2.0
Upgrade the NetApp SRA to 2.0.1 from 2.0 to ensure it’s not the NetApp SRA
Reviewed the Logs and found following Error

SRA command discoverArrays failed


On NetApp “httpd” setting were changed


httpd.access                 legacy     
httpd.admin.access           legacy     
httpd.admin.enable           off 


httpd.access                 host=*    
httpd.admin.access           host=*    
httpd.admin.enable           on 

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